Overview :

Olive oil is the oil that can improve your health. It is recommended that people take olive oil as a part of daily diet plan. The special flavor of olive oil can add unique taste to all kinds of nutrients.

Even though olive oil is very healthy oil, it should not be taken too much. The olive oil has fatty acids called monounsaturated fat acids.  Typically, up to 80% of oilive oil is made up of monounsaturated fat acids.

“Olive oil is very healthy oil”

Benefits :

Olive oil is mainly made up of monounsaturated fat and it is a main ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet.  When olive oil is made from olive fruit, the important factors of olive such as taste, aroma and vitamins are kept in the liquid form.  Another unique thing about olive oil is that oil from the olive fruit can be used without processing unlike any other vegetable oil.

One of the most important benefits of olive oil is that olive oil can help you improve the health of your heart. Olive oil is mostly made up of monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidative substances unlike any other oil.  The researches have demonstrated that olive oil may reduce LDL cholesterol levels and  increases HDL levels.  Olive oil can help prevent heart disease.

The stomach, generally, can take olive oil without any problem. Another benefit of olive oil is that olive oil can actually ease the symptoms of ulcers and gastritis. Studies have shown that olive oil can reduce the chance of having gallstone formation.

“…olive oil … controlling LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels while raising HDL (the “good” cholesterol) levels”

Type of Olive Oils :

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil is the purest olive oil.  Extra Virgin olive oil has less than 0.8% of oleic acidity. People typically put Extra virgin olive oil on  salads, soups and stews.  You can also dip break in extra virgin olive oil for extra flavor and taste.

  • Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil is not as pure as extra virgin olive oil.  Virgin Olive oil has more than 0.8% and less than 2.0% of oleic acidity

  • Ordinary Virgin Olive Oil

Ordinary Virgin olive oil does not have a quality flavor.  It can be used for frying.  If you do not care for the flavor, this type of olive oil can be used. Ordinary Virgin Olive oil has more than 2.0% and less than 3.3% of oleic acid.

  • Lampante Virgin Olive Oil

It is not recommended to take Lampante Virgin olive oil in the body.  This type of olive oil is typically used for technical use. Lampante virgin olive oil has more than 3.3% of oleic acid. 

Olive Oil and Heart Diseases :

Reports have demonstrated that those who took 2 tablespoons virgin olive oil every day for seven days had less LDL cholesterol and more antioxidant compounds in the body. Olive oil can play important role in preventing heart desease.

People took different types of olive oils during the study and those who took EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil produced the best results.  Extra virgin olive oil has more vitamin E and phenols because extra virgin oil is the purest of all olive oils

Olive oil is clearly one of beneficial oils and one of the remedial oils. People should incorporate olive oil into their daily diet plan mainly because of the health benefits they got from olive oil.

“The Mediterranean Diet”:
A Fundamental Guide to Using the Mediterranean Diet for Improved Health, Weight Loss, Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease, Blood Pressure & Common Allergies.

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